We are FP Surveillance and Security a highly professional, confidential private security and intelligence specialists. Using our highly trained team and international network of experienced investigators, we provide the best possible service. Demand for private and legal investigations, security and protection is high. Finding a company that not only understands the regulations and laws, but also understands how to acquire results and provide a professional service can be difficult.

Our team provides a dedicated innovative technical service which is parallel with the police, to ensure that continuity of procedures and professionalism is maintained. In each and every case where independent evidence is obtained, we provide a confidential report accompanied by relevant documents and surveillance report and a signed witness statement prepared in a professional format for submission to our clients.

With the ever increasing advancements within the civil human rights and data protection, operating within the law and allowing information to be admissible in court is only permissible by following strict operating procedures. We not only carry out a full task assessment but also evaluate the procedures and avenues that can be taken depending on the results required and the legal usage of such evidence.

Feel free to browse our website and find out more information on our services, if you have any further questions of wish to arrange a consultation please get in contact.

In all private investigation and intelligence work, gathering correct and timely information is the fundamental platform to success. All of our staff are committed to client satisfaction and welfare offering flexibility to give you the exact service you require.

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