Counter Espionage

If you have important information you want to protect then counter espionage is ideal for you. What does counter espionage mean? It’s means to stop any unauthorised monitoring of yourself and protect important information you have. Espionage techniques could be deployed by anyone who wants to find out information you have, in order to stay a step ahead.

Information is very valuable to competitors in business or anyone who wants advanced knowledge of you activities so protecting yourself from espionage is very important. We have the most advanced equipment and expertly trained personnel to deploy counter espionage measures to protect your information.Insider dealing is traceable due to information only circulated between persons legitimately in the know, it is very difficult to prove where intelligence has been illegally obtained. Here are some of the reason espionage tactics would be deployed:

New Product Developments

Takeovers & Mergers

Property Schemes

Trading Practices

Expansion & Growth

Personal Information

Modern communications equipment from telephones to computer transmissions are all suitable targets for anyone deploying espionage tactics. Micro-electronic devices that have been developed so small they are virtually undetectable by visual search, it requires professional counter-espionage experts to find these devices.

Using the most advanced electronic sweeps, electronic detectors and neutralisers we ensure that your office and private spaces are clean of any electronic spies, preventing anyone from illegally obtaining your information.

All of our services are undertaken in the strictest of confidence and we operate inside of the law. If you are interested in any of our work please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

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