Explosive Detection K9 Services

In the current security climate, the use of explosive detection dogs or sniffer dogs is becoming increasingly more in demand from many industry sectors. The benefits of utilising sniffer dogs (sometimes called bomb dogs) to increase the protection of your staff and premises are tangible in that that they are effective, efficient and extremely versatile.

If you are considering utilising explosive detection dogs to increase the security of your premises, we will provide you with the highest calibre of detection teams.

When you contact us we respond quickly and discreetly.  A member of the senior management team and search dog team will discuss your requirements in confidence and provide a survey to confirm the level of support you require from our explosive detection teams.  Having established your requirements we can refine our training for both sniffer dog and handler providing a tailored solution for your business – Security as it should be. Our explosives detection teams will be deployed as soon as possible to ensure the protection you need is in place.

Our explosive detection teams provide sniffer dog solutions for almost any environment such as:

  • Mailroom facilities
  • Cargo areas
  • Screening and filtration facilities
  • Vehicles
  • Public areas and people.

Additionally, we can deliver solutions to screen large and dense items that are unable to go through X-ray screening machines.

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