Legal Solicitor Support

When building cases for court proceedings, legal solicitors need as much information as possible. We work with solicitors using our experienced personnel and practical knowledge of the law to investigate and gather evidence.

Our range of legal solicitor support services are aimed to achieve maximum results and enable solicitors to represent their clients in the strongest way. Investigative reports and evidence can lead to stronger cases in court and show the facts.

With our highly confidential investigation techniques we assist solicitors to help achieve justice.
Using our expert team we help solicitors in the following area’s:

Personal Injury / Accident Investigations

Tracing Debtors

Witness’s Service of Process

Fraud Enquires


Criminal Defence Investigations and Litigation Support

We also undertake process serving on behalf of solicitors.

Process Serving:

Working alongside Solicitors, Barristers and Financial Institutions we are able to serve process anywhere in the UK, for a fixed fee we make multiple visits to the address when required.

We offer a complete package which includes serving High Court & County Court papaerwork. This includes the collection of documents, service of documents, report and then an Affidavit of Service. Additionally we are able to assist in the service of Magistrates and Crown Court process within the UK.

To instruct us, post us the papers for service together with a copy should we need to exhibit them. Alternatively, e-mail the papers you wish us to serve. We can also arrange for collection when needed.

When a deadline is approaching we can arrange for the papers to be sent direct to the process servers. We will then deal with the rest of the process for you including confirming safe receipt, serving the papers correctly or letting you know of any problems and returning proof of service to you.

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