Private Aviation

24/7 Services

Celestial Rider Private Aviation offers 24/7 services, and we’ll manage your trip before, during and after the flight has landed. If you like Microlight aircraft or Helicopter you can find one of the right what is fit for your travel and your journey becomes a real experience and enjoying the best prices on private aviation services. Contact us to learn more and to plan your next flight from anywhere in the UK.

Banners in the sky

We are for your service if you are looking for a new and exciting way to advertise?

See your message, your business` website address in the sky with our large bold letters towed by our aircraft at 1000 feet.

Based in Buckinghamshire and offer our services to locations within 100 miles.

With prices starting from £465 .

As we conform to all CAA regulations some locations may not be suitable, however please get in touch with our friendly staff who are happy to deal with your enquiry.

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