Local Authority Support

Local authorities are facing an increase in anti-social behavior, graffiti, criminal damage and environmental issues. Our experts work with local councils and authorities to tackle common problems and make neighbourhoods safer for residents.

We support and help enhance existing services with analysis, training and advice. Our experience in tackling local crime and building criminal cases through investigation enables us to further support to local authorities in a practical and cost effective way.

Our team works hard to clean up the streets of the UK and give local authorities control in their towns and cities.
Anti Social Behaviour:

Are your estates and neighbourhoods being run down by the likes of these anti social offenders? Are your residents telling you this is the biggest issue for them living in the area, they don’t feel safe to go out at night and live in fear when they venture out in the day to get their pension or food shopping. Are they going to be robbed, assaulted or mugged on the way?

The area is run down with graffiti daubed on every surface and cars vandalised? Playing loud music day and night with no regard for their neighbours. Crime and the perception of crime features very highly in most borough surveys as the problem that concerns your residents the most. Some residents are either unwilling or too scared or simply unreliable to use as a witnesses.

Graffiti & Criminal Damage:

Do you have a problem with graffiti or criminal damage in your borough? Graffiti can ruin local town and city attractions, making them a eye sore to local residents and visitors. This is a very common problem throughout the UK as graffiti is slowly destroying our most scenic locations.

Criminal damage caused by anti social behaviour impacts on innocent residents, making them fearful of leaving the house. The damage caused doesn’t only disrupt individuals lives but costs local councils and in many cases ruined individuals possessions they work hard to own.

Environmental Issues:

Borough surveys have shown an increase in littering, untaxed abandoned vehicles, commercial fly tipping and incorrectly dumped domestic waste. This turns local areas into an unattractive site and causes the environment serve damage that many have worked hard to try and save.

How Do We Solve These Issues:

We can provide trained experts with the technology to get the evidence you need to take further action against offenders and stop the increase in these common local issues. We offer the following:

Eye witness testimony or CCTV evidence from our officers.

Interviewing witnesses and suspects.

Statement taking.

Case file preparation.

See the case through from start to finish or handing over the evidence to the police.

Investigations can be concluded rapidly and incur very little cost. This is especially cost effective when weighed up against ongoing operational service costs for rubbish removal, clean up campaigns and repairs to property.

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