Partner Investigations

If you have cause to suspect that your partner might be acting unfaithfully in your relationship but you cannot prove it, or if you’re considering taking the next step in a relationship and need to feel more secure in your partners fidelity then our partner investigation service could help.

We have a range of services available that can help you understand what your partner is up to when they are away. These situations can be extremely difficult but rest assured we are very understanding and approachable.

Our discrete and confidential investigation service will give you the honest facts to help you make a decision going forward.
Here are the main techniques we can deploy when undertaking a partner investigation:

Covert Surveillance

Photographic & Video Evidence

Honey Trap

Lifestyle Pattern Checks

All of these are conducted in the most discrete fashion and all evidence will be provided with an honest account of the facts.

The Honey Trap:

If you are wondering what a “Honey Trap” is we will explain. When other methods of surveillance or investigation are not appropriate we provide a Honey Trap to get a definite answer which can set your mind at rest one way or other.

We understand that concerns over your partner’s fidelity can be highly stressful and you can be assured that we are most sympathetic and understanding with highly experienced private investigators and operatives handling each individual case.

We have a wide range of attractive agents who could approach your partner at a pre arranged time and place and attempt to begin a conversation. We will provide you with an honest account of how your partner has acted and what transpired during the meeting. Photographic and video evidence may also be provided if required.

Our private investigators understand that it may be difficult making the first step towards using this service but please be assured that we are very understanding and approachable, and treat all enquiries with complete discretion and respect. If you do have concerns about a suspected cheating partner, or would just like to put your mind at rest, please contact us today to discuss the setting of a honey trap.

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